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6 July, 2015

Windows Phone



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SwappyDots is a match-3 puzzle game but not similar to others in the genre because it has a never seen concept: the game shows up 62 dots and one hole. To get 3 or more color matches players can swap the dots only with the hole not with other dots. It may seem just a small difference but the result is a totally unique and outstanding game.


SwappyDots is about creating 3 or more color matches on a grid. In the Time- and Step-modes of play, you needed 4 or more color matches to get bonus dots, and matches with the bonus dots offered extra time or additional moves and black dots. Matching the black dots created score multipliers. In the new Lightning-Step and Lightning-Time modes of play, it is enough to get 3 color matches to achieve bonus dots, and because the initial number of moves has been raised from 60 to 90, matching bonus dots no longer offers additional time or moves. Score multipliers are still possible by matching black dots. The addition of Lightning mode adds more fun and further challenges to an already excellent game with its faster gameplay, higher scores and effects.


  • Four different game modes: Time, Step, Lightning Time, Lightning Step
  • Professional HD graphics and clean design
  • Excellent music and sounds
  • Color blind mode
  • Easy control: tap the dots or swipe
  • User friendly menu and navigation
  • Fun to play but a challenge to fully master
  • Share your best score on leader board
  • You can pay only for "no-ads", no additional or hidden payments


SwappyDots Official Trailer YouTube

Selected Articles

  • "SwappyDots is a new match-three game that has had its gameplay crossed with the classic sliding puzzle mechanic."
    - Ryan Ballard, droidgamers
  • "It comes with all the bells and whistles of a puzzle game, but unlike modern match-3 games, this one has a gap in the middle of the screen where the user can slide in a color to finish a row of matching colors."
    - Valerie Richardson, thedroidguy
  • "Kill some time and have some fun with SwappyDots (App Review)"
    - Andrew Myrick, androidguys
  • "SwappyDots for Windows Phone puts a new spin on Candy Crush"
    - Kareem Anderson, winbeta
  • "If you enjoy playing match 3 style games, but you’re getting a little tired of the same old thing SwappyDots is the perfect solution. (App Review)"
    - Cherry Mae Torrevillas, appicker

SwappyDots Credits

Krisztian Kenedi
Business & Development

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